CUSC Campaign Update

After a successful campaign by the CUSC and a motion brought by Councillor Emlyn Dole, full council voted to have this proposal scrapped. The Executive Board agreed to consult with all users of their facilities.

With a reducing maintenance costs CCC’s executive board proposes to either transfer responsibility for the maintenance of their parks, playgrounds, sports pitches and greens, or find other solutions. This is the reason for asking
residents of the county for their ideas.

The sporting organisations that use CCC pitches and greens DO pay to hire these facilities! They are not free to use, they never have been, nor have we ever expected them to be. In addition to the monies received from the sporting organisations, Carmarthenshire County Council also receives council tax payments for these areas.

2 thoughts on “CUSC Campaign Update

  1. I think the CCC should review how they work out their costs. I am told that the CCC say it costs £160 to mark a pitch. I would challenge that. Thr employee is paid say £10 per hour and it takes him 2hrs thats £20 the uplift is to cover the cost of his transport, insurance etc which the CCC own or lease anyway the uplift is just a factoring sum that would be used if a private company were to do the work. A private company may pay the same employee £10 p/h but would charge him out at £50 p/h as the company must make a profit. CCC do not need to make a profit they need to work within a budget and £160 is not a real cost. Now multiply this across the county. Finally if CCC do increase the pitch fee’s they should take into account that the football teams do not get any monitary assistance from the Welsh Football Association all players both junior and senior pay to play their sport and the parents of the juniors and the senior club players also pay their council tax. Other sports such as rugby clubs get finacial assistance from the WRU which creats an unevan playing feid with regard to the idea of players paying to play.

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