Councils Pitch Consultation Open days

The Councils Pitch Consultation Open days are starting Monday 11  August:

 11/08/2014 – Newcastle Emlyn Leisure Centre

Address and location map:

Emlyn Square

Newcastle Emlyn


SA38 9LN

12/08/2014 – Ammanford Town Hall

Address and location map:

Town Hall

Iscennen Road


SA18 3BE

13/08/2014 – Dafen Park Rural Hall

Address and location map:

Bryngwyn Road


SA14 8LW

14/08/2014 – Llangadog Community Centre

Address and location map:

Dyrfal Road


SA19 9BR

15/08/2014 – St Clears Leisure Centre

Address and location map:

Station Road

St. Clears


SA33 4BT

18/08/2014 – Pontyberem Memorial Hall

Address and location map:

Memorial Hall

Coalbrook Road




SA15 5HU

19/08/2014 – Carmarthen Leisure Centre

Address and location map:

Llansteffan Road



SA31 3NP

20/08/2014 – Llanelli Leisure Centre

Address and location map:

Park Cresent


SA15 3AE

Opening hours for all dates:  3.00pm until 7.00pm

It is essential for the Sports people of Carmathenshire and for the Council that these Consultations are well attended.

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7 thoughts on “Councils Pitch Consultation Open days

  1. First consultation day Newcastle Emlyn
    ONE person came,a local cllr,no members of public
    Had a productive 4 hrs talking to CCC staff,very informative,exelent information gathering exercise and a lovely spin down there

  2. Tue 12th August
    Ammanford Open Day
    Again not a huge turn out,a few remarks made by CCC I am unhappy with,the importance of Grass roots sport seems to be somewhat lost on the Council,we need to get this accros to them.
    Maximum attandence needed on the 20th at Llanelli Leisure Centre,please tell everyone

  3. Wed 13th August
    Much better turn out Today,
    great information off Sports Developement,
    Progress made but got a long way to go

  4. Thur 14th August
    two people turned up,shame as CCC staff are working hard on this process.

    Friday 15th August
    slightly low turn out,one less person than Newcastle Emlyn,pleasent afternoon,CCC staff brill although welsh cakes a tad dry.
    Great information gathering exercise
    so much though for the concerns of the people of St Clears over inbalance over Counties Pitch fees

  5. Monday 18th August
    Exelent turnout
    Very positive,CCC staff kept very busy,
    two more to go
    No welsh cakes Today,flapjacks were nice and they know how to make a cup of tea,fair play

  6. Tuesday 19th August
    Carmathen Leisure Centre
    Low attendence,only worried members of Bro Myrddin. Bowls Community.
    Inbalance?the people dont seem to be worried.
    Had a great chat with CCC,we are making progress.
    To busy talking to eat the flapjacks,doh,wil get them tomorow defo

  7. Wed August 20th
    Llanelli Leisure Centre
    Huge turnout,the people of Llanelli feel pasionately about there Sport,
    very informative day,we are getting there,I feel progres is being mate
    A big thankyou to CCC staff,they have been great,verwn informative,proffesional and made us feel verwn welcome
    We wil get there

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