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Welcome to the website of Carmarthenshire Unified Sports Committee. CUSC was formed to fight Carmarthenshire County Councils unmanageable pitch fees. CCC’s policy of providing maintenance of its parks and pitches at a zero cost to the authority will kill off grass roots sports in the county. Our aim is to stop this happening. Affordable Sport For All!

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  1. I have resubmitted my views as captain of Parc Howard Veterans bowling club.
    this is a copy of my letter to councillor Madge in March 2014 and the views have not changed
    Carpe Diem
    SA17 4HS
    Tel 01269 860642

    Mr Kevin Madge
    Leader of Carmarthenshire County Council,
    County Hall,
    Carmarthen, SA16 1JP.
    5th March 2014

    Dear Mr Madge,

    The future of rugby, football, cricket and bowls in the county is seriously under threat following the council’s proposals over the next three years to both significantly raise the fees for participants, well above those for neighbouring counties, as well as the future plans for asset transfer.

    The council approach appears to be totally at odds with the Welsh Assembly Government’s physical activity action plan: “Creating an active Wales.” In this paper the WAG noted that there were barriers to participation in sport and exercise and the action plan was to work with local authorities to increase accessibility to facilities and services and support physical activity across all parts of society. The Carmarthenshire Council appear to be determined to adopt a policy of discouraging participation in sports and have taken the opposite approach to that suggested by the WAG by either pricing the availability of sports to an unrealistic level or to achieve the same result by asset transfer.

    While I understand that the policy of the Welsh Assembly Government regarding the provision of parks and sports facilities is not a statutory requirement for the council, the consequences of these actions are serious.

    • Pensioners make up the majority of bowls participants and as a result remain fit and healthy. They will find the proposed fees difficult to meet will just give up and vegetate. Many clubs will no longer be able to continue.
    • Obesity in children and adults in Wales is already at a high level – what is the cost of making this worse?
    • Vandalism will increase, as youngsters with nothing to do will have to find an alternative outlet for their energies. Rugby and soccer are a great way to keep the kids involved and active.
    • Just pumping money into the Scarlet’s coffers will not result in a sustainable flow of players for the future if players are financially discouraged from participating in sport, particularly “minis” and juniors.

    Carmarthen Council’s proposals are “out of order” and incompatible with the mandate to make the County a great place to live, as presented in the Council’s website!

    “It is the County Council’s aim to sustain a high quality of life for the citizens of Carmarthenshire, by protecting and restoring the environment and public health in the county.”

    I would like to hear from you regarding your rationale for these fee increases and whether or not you are amenable to review this decision or whether you are going ahead regardless to destroy all sporting activities in the county.

    I understand that there will be a meeting of the council on this topic on Friday at which I hope that you will be able to review these charges and return them to an affordable level to allow sport in the County to continue.

    Yours Sincerely,

    John Discombe
    Captain, Park Howard Veterans Bowling Club.

  2. Dear executive councillors

    I went to two of your information days and to be honest the information was minimum and it just looked like to me that all your staffs hands were tied behind their backs because let’s be honest its all going to go down to a full council on whether you lot are going to destroy grass roots sport.
    If we at seaside done transfer of assets it would cost us £7000 a year on liability insurance and the maintenance for a contractor will cost £20000. So that’s £27000 before we buy a machine or put people through courses or put a kit on or even think about football.
    The insurance people we spoke to said we be mental doing a full asset transfer at crown park as its 10 acres of land with 1 emergency exit going onto it,it needs 2 apparently.
    These figures will bankrupt us.
    It will put 170 kids from seaside a deprived area of your county on the streets causing havoc.
    It will put 100 adults out of a hobby on a Saturday afternoon and where will they end up In a pub.So I don’t this mr Chris salmon be to pleased when his officers are getting dragged all over the county going to pubs to break up disorders because we got grown men bored drunk kicking off because you guys wanted to save £270000.
    Think about it the savings you are trying to make through sport will probably cost you 10 times that in health problem,anti social problems,maintaining empty football parks because we know at seaside you can’t build on crown park because in the long run that’s your plans,to build more houses.
    I will let you in on a little secret tho if this comes in,you will not get a single vote from the sporting people of Llanelli and I for one will not vote for you and I have voted labour since I was allowed to vote because you are suppose to be fighting for the working class.
    So this time next year we could be not playing sport and you lot out of a job.
    We all will be in the pub drowning our sorrows.

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